Innovative Printing Effects

With several of my current projects, I’ve been researching lots of cool printing & binding effects.  Also, meeting with new printers around the Santa Rosa area & learning what they can offer in their shops has been so fun!

Here’s a few of the highlights:

Spot UV – UV is a clear, glossy coating used most on business cards.  But the neat thing is, it can be applied to selective areas to create a design or make something pop out.  Imagine a matte image with select areas glossy to accent them!  Or perhaps your logo?

Clear Digital Ink – While UV coating and Spot UV is done on a traditional offset press, digital printing (much like your printer at home or copier at the office, but with better quality) has it’s own version.  Clear digital ink can be printed out, along with the usual CMYK.  It is a cheaper way to add a little clear, glossy POP, but since it is printed along with all the other colors, it works best on medium-light to white areas.  (if you print/design an area to be 100% black, the printer has no more capacity to add the clear stuff on top!  The black ink is taking all the room!)

Raised Thermography – Text or simple imagery that is printed with a slight 3-D effect.  Not as deep as embossing, doesn’t leave that shadow/indent on the back that embossing does, but still creates a cool, more than your usual business card effect!  Also, cheaper than embossing. Did I mention that?

Hand Binding – While a saddle staple (think magazine) or spiral binding is great and classic, I also love using stitched binding, with or without a fabric/canvas strip on the spine.  Hand-done elements add a lot to a design.