Design for Wine…. and beer!

Before I ever had the notion that I would someday be moving to Northern Ca and the heart of wine country, I wanted to design a wine label. It’s been on my design “bucket list” of must-do’s. I love standing in front off a wall of wine and trying to decide what to get. Sometimes I pick something to compliment what we’ll be eating. Sometimes I go for what I know is good, because we’ve had it before. But more often than not, I go for the label that catches my eye. Is it flashy? Clever? Naughty? Or classy and printed on a label that takes paper to the next level? Not only do I now want to buy this wine, I want in on this. I want to leave my mark on the wine industry, and someday have my design be found, whether it’s at a boutique winery in the Russian river, or the wall of wine in Safeway.

Surprisingly, this wine country is also quite the land of beer! Even coming from MT, where ski-bums and microbrews walk hand in hand down snow-covered streets, I was impressed. Who knew that Sierra Nevada was so close? Or that these smaller, hidden away microbrews would have such fun labels, and amazing tastes? Pliny the Elder, Racer 5 IPA, ohhh man I could have some fun with those. T-shirts anyone? Did I mention custom designed beer tap pull is also on my bucket list…

Long story short, Northern CA’s lively wine and beer culture offers some amazing design opportunities that I am just beginning to tap into. No pun intended.

– Chelsea McKenna
Creative Graphic Design for Web & Print