Flyer and Poster Design Tips

When producing a flyer or poster for an event, concert, sale, etc.. there are a few things I try to keep in mind and design around.

1. What is the most important information?
If I’m walking by this poster in Starbucks, and my eyes take 2 second to scan it, will I get the gist of it? Will I have enough information to go home and find the website, or is it intriguing enough to cause me to stop and read more?

Think of it this way – if you had 2 seconds to tell someone about your event, you’d probably say the title of the event (or a catchy headline) and give them the date/time.  From that info, they could google to find more, especially if the website or Facebook page is well-built.


2.  Is the most important info large enough to be read from about 10ft away?
Folks will get closer to read the details if they are intrigued.  But the info from question #1 needs to be large enough to catch my attention from the coffee or checkout line…


3. Does the image support the theme/information on the flyer, and is it eye-catching?
If not, find a new main image. Your image should help, not hinder your message. Do you even need a photo or illustration, or can creative text become the main image? Or, can your image or illustration be much smaller, to give the information more real estate? Can you incorporate in the important information INTO the illustration or photo?


4. Does it speak to your target audience? 
Are you running a kids event? Or an upscale wine and food pairing dinner? Do the fonts and colors support that theme? The colors and fonts used on a flyer can immediately communicate themes as well…


5. Now… what information can you take off?
Chances are… your poster is looking a little crowded, because you have so much good information to include about your amazing event. What information can instead live on your website or Facebook page, allowing your poster to be clean and eye-catching?  Make the cut if you can.


Best of luck with your event! If you need any help with poster or flyer design, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Chelsea McKenna Hollender
Chelsea McKenna Design