About Chelsea

I am a graphic designer.

I grew up in Montana on cattle ranches, and my ranching lineage goes back to my great-great-grandfather, who first homesteaded in Montana. Yet my parents valued the arts and encouraged my artistic interest. When my high school offered a job-shadowing program, I filled in “art” as my interest and was paired with a graphic design firm for a day. It was love at first sight. I didn’t realize until then that you could be an artist and have a steady job.

I was pleased to be accepted into the rigorous graphic design program at Montana State University – Bozeman on full scholarship.  The program was a wonderful blend of fine art, graphic design and technology. I thrived there and earned my BFA-Graphic Design degree, with honors.

I honed my skills at in-house graphic design jobs after college, and eventually took the leap and opened my own graphic design studio. In 2011, my husband and I moved to Santa Rosa, and it has turned out to be a wonderful home for an artistic entrepreneur.

I love getting to know my clients, whether we are starting with a blank slate or an existing brand to upkeep, gathering all the needed information, brainstorming, and delivering a polished, original product that my client is thrilled with. My clients include large nonprofits, sole-proprietor businesses and tradespeople, boutique shops, wineries, salons, restaurants, breweries, and fine artists. I enjoy providing design for wine, beer, branding, brochures, fundraising campaigns, catalogs, social media graphics, shirts and other collateral, and packaging.

While the internet allows me to serve clients anywhere, my strongest client bases are in Santa Rosa, CA, Minneapolis, MN, and Bozeman, MT.